Tuesday, 20 December 2011

...Fairy Kloss

Karlie Kloss embodies beauty, style and grace and we want in!  Karlie the nineteen year old former ballet dancer and now uber model has an enviable career and is regarded as one of the top 30 models of the 2000's.  

No, we're not jealous, not even of her style!  Promise.

Leather jacket = must

This is perhaps one of the best jackets we've EVER seen. 

These motor cycle boots are practically glued to Karlie's feet...Definite investment.

Karlie always looks classic and all american in smart casual and chic pieces.  

We always underestimate the power of a black skivvy - a definite must have!

Colour pops...

Chic hair and simplicity always makes a statement.

Blue jeans, black everyday bag (MUST be great quality) and sunglasses always creates a perfect look for all occasions - and comfortable!

NEED a messenger bag...Louis Vuitton please!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wu me...

Seeing Jason Wu's Spring 2012 collection absolutely left us breathless.  It was perfect...Trying to decide our favourite looks was a problem, most of the collection was a favourite.  

A monochromatic greyscale of beautifully tailored feminine pieces were lifted with pops of salmon, chartreuse and cobalt blue.  The shapes are reflecting the growing trend in lady like fashion (thank you Duchess of Cambridge) but still with an edge - all whilst being chic and simple.  

What a mouthful all to say simply it is a magnificent collection. 

Lip and nail brights.  Look at those shoes!

Blouses and trousers with chic tousled and swept back hair with leather sandals. 

Ladylike and fashion forward in one.

We love the lowering hem!

This is just to die for.  Love the clutch but especially love the sheer blouse and graphic print pant.

This skirt is divine!

Must have this chartreuse sheer (rain?) jacket.

This skirt is an unbelievable shape and is definitely a worthy wardrobe staple.  Investment piece! 

Just beautiful.

What can we even say about these dresses?  They are flawless.

All photos from: http://www.jasonwustudio.com/collection_2012_spring#look38

Swinton Swooning...

We think that by and large Tilda Swinton is underrated.  Tilda's beauty amazes us - there is no other that looks like Tilda Swinton! 

The Scottish actress, oscar winner and model regularly fronts campaigns for fellow scottish super brand Pringle as well as featuring in uber fashion tomes, Another Magazine, Room and Dazed & Confused.  Starring in hollywood blockbuster movies and independent cultural films like the Italian 'I am Love' Tilda is the most versatile AND fierce beauty there is.

We love how she makes her extraordinary face her feature and emphasises it through structural, tailored and avant garde fashion.  A lot of neutrals with a pop colour lip or stark with no make up or even emblazoned with jewel brights in fabulous fabric. 

Nobody does it like Tilda...and we love it.    

Mustard silk, flawless skin and absolute minimal accessories - perfect.

Did we mention that Tilda has a husband and a lover?  The lover has since been jilted.

Royal blue with a shock of fire hair and no makeup.  

Love this!  

Metallic shimmers with simple hair and make up.  We can't take our eyes off her.

Structured, androgynous and yet still fiercely feminine.  

Pringle campaign fall 2011.