Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mediating Medine...

She calls herself the Man Repeller...And perhaps Fashion Blogger Leandra Medine does exactly that with her fashion.  But we LOVE it...  

Below are some of our fave outfits as they demonstrate the principles we live by so clearly!

Instead of your usual patent stockings and shoes why not spice it up with some socks and jeans?  These leopard shoes are a killer - everyone should have a pair in their wardrobe by now!  Match it with some skinnies and a statement scarf.

Are you on board the velvet slipper trend?  We are!

Simplest things create an impact with one outstanding piece - in this case colour pop shoes.

Argh!  This outfit is such perfection.  White shirt, statement necklace, leather skater skirt and some killer stiletto boots.  !

Haha - what did we tell you?  Fashion is an attitude.  You can't think someone is an asshole when they don't take themselves too seriously.

Heather grey, a crisp white skirt and beautiful coloured necklace - amazing!

Love, love LOVE these black ballet flats - every wardrobe needs them.

We have such a weekness for metallic shoes...and paired with this oversize envelope clutch in red - it's a killer!!!

Ahh this jacket is amazing.  Smokey blue with patent neutral boots.

Tailored shorts in a gorgeous coloured silk with the ever present ballet flats!

Fashion is very mix and match - leather jacket and sheer silk skirt create instant cool (as well as comfort!)

This outfit has to be one of our favourite ever!  

This bag is fabulous!  You don't need to have 7 statement bags to achieve different looks.  Like we said fashion is very mix and match.  You could add this bag to several outfits i.e a white shirt, jeans and some ballet flats and it would instantly add edge and on trend colours or shapes to your outfit. 

(Please note we find all our images on google.com and that makes crediting the source difficult - we don't intend to pass these images off as our own - rather use them to demonstrate fashion principles we hold dear).

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Wardrobe Winners...

Now you know some of the wardrobe essentials...Are you freaking out about how to put them into an ordinary context?   

We do it all the time...Especially as normally we have TOO MUCH STUFF!  Another reason for a capsule wardrobe...

Our bible net-a-porter always gives us great inspiration...See?  What did we tell you... Stripe tees, stovepipe pants, ankle boots and a statement coat... Just mix and match the pieces for your shape!  Eg...If you are thicker in the thigh opt for a bootcut and a longer coat.

Ahhhh the Camel Coat...Such a love of ours.

Who would have thought woollen leggings could look so chic?  Ok so maybe they don't have to be Stella McCartney like these ones...But pair with a luxe bag (which you should all have invested in!) some fab points and a long tailored cardigan and you're good to go!  In warmer months we like leggings with a long sheer cardi in fabric like silk.

There are those stovepipes and that magic white tee again!  On trend key pieces like accessories in pop colour will update you in each season...And don't get us started on the leopard heels...

The white tee and focal point necklace...Amazing.  Substitute your bag here for a daytime chic or some black boots and tights for wintry warmth.

A tweed jacket is a perennial in season piece.  So is a printed Tee.  We still believe that these items are 'nice to have' and not a 'necessity' though...However, a pair of good quality black pumps we feel are non negotiable.

Black pumps, black skinnies and on trend colour pop clutch did you say?  Oh ... You've already got all these pieces? Too easy!

Denim, pumps, breton tee and a camel coat...You've already got these in your wardrobe!

White shirt, black faux (or real) leather leggings, black pumps, statement clutch and a stripe jacket.  With your basics it is so simple to change your whole outfit with one piece like jackets, bags, jewellery or shoes.  If you have quality pieces that you've invested in like your white shirt and pants you can then spend your money on updating seasonally on these things to change your look - day in day out season after season.

How fabulous is this dress?  It is so lustworthy it's ridiculous.  A classic dress in a classically tailored style will last forever in your wardrobe.  Never be afraid to wear the same thing twice.  Remember the days when people used to say to you 'Oh...I love you in that dress'.  You don't remember?  That's because you probably have a wardrobe full of instant fix crap that changes every week.  But it would be nice...

This look is just so classic, edgy and chic all at once.  We LOVE it.  And probably the easiest to achieve.  If you think it won't look good because you don't have this figure - don't worry - most of us don't!  And also it's more about having great quality garments in subtle colours that will let you stand out and not drown you.  Again - the white t shirt, black pants, black pumps, classic black bag and a classic grey sweater.  This would still look just as amazing with some converse or ballet flats.

We just through this in because we LOVE Arizona Muse - totally gorgeous.  But she does work a statement scarf, another wardrobe must have.

The gorgeous Tory Burch exemplifying how layering will work every time to give you a chic and on trend look.  Striped Tee, Sequin jacket and statement necklace all in monochromatic colours so she is not overwhelmed by her outfit. 

Argh!  She's always amazing.  Olivia Palermo in a classic watch, stripe tee, and some gorgeous metallic silver lace up flats.

Camel Coat, white shirt and beautiful tortoiseshell sunglasses...

*All clothing pics from www.net-a-porter.com

For all wardrobe winning enquiries contact mim@hownowmadamcow.com


Street Stylin'...

The best part about this blog is seeing endless pictures of beautiful girls in beautiful clothes.  What makes each special is the difference in every individuals style.

Have you ever noticed that your most chic and well dressed friends often have the tiniest wardrobes?  It's the way we swear!  Know what you have, have it displayed well and always neat and tidy.  This way you can see what you have and what to put with it.  Do you have a wardrobe full of the same thing?  20 pairs of jeans anyone?

There are a few rules we like to live by...

*  If you're not going to wear it DON'T BUY IT....Even if it's on sale 
*  If it's not going to match anything in your wardrobe DON'T BUY IT
*  If you like it but don't have anywhere to wear it DON'T BUY IT
*  If you don't need it DON'T BUY IT

Who knows?  You might just now be able to afford the piece you really love!

Below are some of our favourite pics today just picked off random search engines...
You can begin to see a pattern and identify what you need (and most probably already have) in your wardrobe to look as chic as these girls - all day everyday!

Basic well cut and quality t shirts are definitely a staple.  As are a pair of black stovepipes; evidently a pair of ankle boots are a must!

We really, really hate denim shorts.  This outfit would look more finished if it had a pair of pants...even ankle biter jeans...But we do LOVE the coat.  A coat in a standout fabric is also a must.  However, if you live in Australia not always an essential so put it in your 'nice to have' column, not necessity. 

Vest and sneakers always look amazing and not just together, with most outfits.  Trainers, lace ups - whatever you want to call them as long as they're not your GYM SNEAKERS.  Our favourite are Converse.

This photo (well the left half anyway!) is just gorgeous.  We always love chic black; black will always be the new black.  Leopard print flats should definitely be a staple in every man woman and childs wardrobe (we exaggerate but you understand).

Fur (faux if that's the way you roll) always looks fabulous and a breton tee is just a no brainer.  Ah these girls look amazing.

We love little pops of colour, especially in the form of these glorious suede booties.

Hats are a recent love of ours... Usually reserved for wankers we've come around and jumped on the hatship.  We LOVE them.  Especially this fedora.

Sorry but this man is  an essential - he's gorgeous!

This whole outfit is just amazing..........!

A blazer!  Everyone knows you need one of those....The best blazer i've ever had is a WHYRED one...You can buy it here http://hownowmadamcow.com/WHYRED/maxi-blazer

Breton tee, cardi, skinny jeans and a hat - perfection!  Imagine how amazing this would look with some red converse....

Must have these ankle suede black wedge boots.  Now please...

NB:  These are outfit pieces that we think every wardrobe should have as they go with EVERYTHING.  Less is always more and when all your pieces correlate it declutters your wardrobe and reduces that 'what to wear' stress...

If you would like some help please contact us mim@hownowmadamcow.com and we can arrange a meeting to do it all for you.