Monday, 25 June 2012

Mad about Maryna...

We absolutely adore Maryna Linchuk...With her golden hair and cheeky smile this Victoria Secret stunner gets us every time with her flawless fashion sense.  

Death by beauty...

Model off duty uniform of black, black and black.  We love black and how Maryna breaks it up with different textures.

Megawatt smiles always make your outfits look that much better...Remember, it's an attitude!  If you don't feel good just fake it with a smile...

Aviators and leather...

Confidence is always in style (yes we know that sounds extremely corny!!!)

There's those black pieces again...Looking fab.


Definitely recreating this fuchsia lip and dare to bare skin.  

This outfit is one of the easiest to create...Everyone should have a blazer, neutral tee and denim shorts in their wardrobe.  Don't feel overwhelmed by not looking like a six foot model and make the outfit work for you, longer shorts if you don't like your thighs or a structured blazer to add shape.  

Maryna with her DJ boyfriend Salvatore Morale.


Relaxed rock n roll glam.  


Love this sweet and preppy outfit.

Outfit perfection!!!

A cream blazer is an absolute wardrobe essential.

Another easy-chic outfit...A textural blazer, neutral tee, black pants and some ankle booties.

Love the black tee, leather jacket and nonchalant stare.

Just too. beautiful.