Monday, 6 June 2011

Fashion Assassin...

Yes we know it is a corny title... But when it comes to Zanna Roberts she is absolutely killing it in the style stakes.  The senior Fashion editor at US Marie Claire would certainly have her pick of pieces however, it's the style combos Zanna creates with these that set her apart.  

The thing we love the most about Zanna's quirky style is the ever present feeling that she is comfortable, despite looking seriously fabulous.  It is undoubtedly her own personal style shining through as she takes neutral pieces with a classic twist or statement accessories to give power to her outfit.  Every time, all the time. 

Though we're not crazy about the jacket we admit that it looks great on her.  Love the jeans and boots though!

This olive green military coat is such a beautiful colour and a great way to subtly inject some colour into a winter wardrobe.  

Mixing neutrals with on trend pieces such as her Cateye sunglasses.  We love how Zanna always relies on her Chanel tote to finish an outfit.

Love these Burberry boots!

HNMC favourite...School girl chic made tough with a leather skater skirt and studded flats.

This is such perfect relaxed, biker chic without being overdone or too contrived.  These sunglasses are a must have!

Working the masculine trend oh so well with neutral blazer and beautiful, simple pumps.

Possibly the best, cosiest fur vest we've ever seen.  

Making all black look luxe, casual chic and interesting by incorporating different textures.

Pic from   How crazy are the arms of this sweater!  But once again, Zanna doesn't go overboard and works the look to her advantage with charcoal pants and sleek hair.

HNMC favourite.  Love this sleeveless trench and these pumps! 

This picture above is from And needs no words really!  This makes us want to embrace the maxi skirt trend.

We're a sucker for stripes.  Normally not a fan of midriff but this look works so well.  

Classic pieces with a modern, edgy twist.  

The pieces we'd most like from Zanna's wardrobe are her Chanel bag, her fur vests, leather standout pieces and a neutral coat!!


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