Friday, 1 July 2011

Nippon Native...

Viviana Volpicella is yet another Italian that is making us weak at the knees.  Viviana is one of the creative forces behind Vogue Nippon as the assistant fashion editor.  Her colleague is Anna Dello Russo!  Can you imagine? 

Viviana's style is somewhat classic made unique and unforgettable through her pops of colour and twists of her classic pieces.  We love, love, LOVE her because she embodies all the philosophies we admire; personal style, attention to detail, great attitude, making pieces her own, always fashion ready and her outfits are always built upon a great foundation - clean hair, skin, great smile and good quality pieces. 

Viviana always looks so beautiful and we can't get enough!  Isn't it incredible how her outfit can be comprised of so many elements yet she still manages to keep it simple and not overwhelming...

Citrus pop!

Classic shirt and shorts combo with an edgy modern twist through a pop bright yellow.

Looking fab in the masculine trend.

In a somewhat ordinary skirt made extraordinary through beautiful accessories (she should have lost the fag in her hand though!)

What an amazingly fashionable trio (with Anna Dello Russo and Aurora Sansone.)

HNMC favourite... We LOVE these leopard print shoes and think they are a definite must have for every girls wardrobe.  These bracelets are a regular accessory addition for Viviana.  Once again we love how accessories can complete an entire outfit.

Are we the only ones in the world without this Prada skirt?   We want these Prada shoes!  Viviana's bag is embossed with a V.V... ahhhhh

Attention to detail and it just creates such fantastic, easy results!

Louis Vuitton speedy, black blazer, white shirt, distressed jeans and YSL tributes...essentials for EVERY girls wardrobe.

Goodness me, the red is to die for.

HNMC FAVOURITE!  Having a glorious Marilyn moment.  How divine is this outfit?!

Mmmm leopard print, neutrals and red nails.

Roberta Di Camerino handbag and beautiful neutral pieces.  

Stella McCartney shoes.  We love a kitten, point heel. 


Classic neutrals with a twist punctuated by loud and proud accessories.

We love how Viviana relies on favourite pieces to continuously take a polished outfit to the next level.  Note:  Chunky bright accessories, pops of leopard, white shirts and sunglasses.

Citrus pops by Stella McCartney.  

This dress is breathtaking. We want!

As we have stated before...We use common search engines to find our photos and it makes it incredibly difficult to find the original source.  If you feel we haven't given credit where credit is due, please let us know and we will either remove it or endeavour to recover the correct source.  Thank you , Madam Cow xx

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  1. Dear God,

    We love Viviana so much .

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