Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Family Fashion Affair...

Given our penchant for all things nails and manicures, it is an appropriate time to introduce our latest style crush, Prisca Courtin-Clarins the beauty heiress introducing Parisians to the American Nail Salon.  Prisca however, is only one quarter of this blogpost.  

Her sister and cousins Virginie, Claire and Jenna are a mini fash pack, a supertight quartet whose wardrobes we're pining after.  Uber tall, uber slim and uuuuber French these girls are a permanent fixture on front rows and party syndicates and we're loving every second. 

Jenna, Virginie, Claire and Prisca Courtin-Clarins. 

Neutrals with a pop of red, even standing they look glorious.

Look at their smooth forheads... Gosh we'd love that lifetime of Clarins!

Sport Luxe, tailored chic, flowing neutrals and jewel brights - all trends together and looking fab. 

Those legs!

Must. Have. That. Jacket. Now. 

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  1. You were not kidding, they really do stick together haha! What a great post, I actually had no idea who they were!