Monday, 30 January 2012

The Everyday Wuman...

Sometimes we wish we lived in America, especially now that Jason Wu for Target has hit the shelves.  
Check out the gorgeous, very wearable and best of all - very affordable range. 

How cute is this blouse!  We love the high heels with socks. 

Every wardrobe needs a floral dress injection!  This one is accented with a patent belt and leather loafers. 


Gorgeous tote...

I love this scarf!


  1. These looks are gorgeous!! Very lady-like yet fashion forward too.
    And I agree, need that scarf in mah life!!!!!!!!

    x x Stace

  2. Yep, I definitely want to live in America to have access to these beauties.

    Love your blog and love your name- brilliant. I just became a follower and looking forward to what you had win store in the future. Come check out my blog if you have the time too :) I love having new followers.

    Luc X