Monday, 5 September 2011

68th Venice Film Festival Flop...

Well we were extremely excited to see the best of the 68th Venice Film Festival... but have been left rather underwhelmed, like how we felt after Cannes this year -   

What is it about big events that makes stars fall and suffer these horrendous fashion flops...

Natasha Poly in Gucci... This would be stunning if J Lo hadn't worn it earlier this year.  

Great in theory - especially with the black panels for slimming and accentuating all the right curves... But the shoes and the hair - yawn. 

Even though Monica Belluci is having an Adams Family moment...You can't fault her absolute beauty.

Abbie Cornish while we stay faithful to you and your fresh and wholesome beauty... Your limp lank hair is leaving us bereft.

Holy moly...

Keira Knightly looking like Anna Wintour...

LOVE the colour of her dress...but did she feel the need to match her skin with it?  Very Donatella-esque...

Who is this and why was she let onto the carpet?

Hurrah!  We LOVE this dress.... Gwyneth almomst redeems herself.

Brocade curtains never looked so good. 

Not even Bar Rafaeli's beauty could save this atrocity..and those SHOES!  

Valeria Golino saves the festival... She looks absolutely amazing and those shoes are fabulous. 

Diane Kruger looking gorgeous as per usual.

Cindy was absolutely huge in the 90's and felt she should remind us with this hideous outdated dress.

Marisa Tomai  in mustard Marios Schwab...Definitely a winner.  The colour is fab and the dress is beautiful. 

What even is this...And the pose?  And the shoe...And the hair...

Much better!  Evan Rachel Wood looking suitable in Versace.

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