Sunday, 18 September 2011

Harlequin Habiliment...

Why do we love Harley Viera Newton? 

Where do we start?  Harley is a DJ now signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation and she has signed with Elite Models.  Her mum was in fashion and her Dad in music so how could she go wrong?  Harley has archetypical fashions of a young 20 year old but that doesn't mean it isn't great inspiration!  

Whilst readily admitting she's not low maintenance (finally! someone comes clean...) and it takes effort to look as if she hasn't tried at all... Harley pulls off her eclectic and stylish wardrobe.  Florals, leather, chunky heels and statement accessories.  Harley always looks good and we LOVE her . 

Love these heels...

HNMC favourite.  Love this dress....Especially it's toughened femininity by the neon zipper.

Love skulls!

This is a look everyone must do...Plain tee and a statement necklace - it is such a simple yet effective way to complete an outfit.

Monochromatic neutrals with dashes of neon - genius!

Harley in her Dior Matte lipstick.  A signature of hers...

HNMC favourite.  Casual, comfortable yet stylish.


In Preen.

Rocking jewel tones.


There is that white dress again.... Add with leather and opaques and it's an absolute no brainer!

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