Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I Cannes...Cannes You?

While on the hot topic of Cannes... Another sight to behold were the number of stars wearing Calvin Klein!  You know what we say about three's...

Vanessa Hudgens (whose fashion we normally detest! But deserves applause here)

Rosario Dawson (Does she even do anything anymore?)

Last but not least - THE Diane Kruger - speechless.  What is with Joshua Jacksons FUGG shoes though?!

The neutral colours seem to be an ongoing love for our starlets...however, someone that got it so wrong!
Angelia Jolie...

I feel like i'll get struck down by lightening for saying anything less than great things about miss Jolie... but come on! This is HIDEOUS.  Whats with the Casper skin and wash out beige?  It's a pity because the dress is quite beautiful but with that lank awful hair, cheap looking jewellery and transvestite shoes?! Not. A. Fan.  How long is her wholesome earth mother image going to continue?  We liked her so much better when she was less contrived.  You can keep pretending...But you fucked Billy Bob, wore his blood round your neck and snogged your brother in public.  We're not fooled.

Dress and shoes by Ferragamo

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