Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rachel be Mine...

I'd like to do a post on Rachel Bilson...But it's like when i am craving a food and i don't know what it is so i eat absolutely everything in sight... that's how i feel - WHERE DO I START.  

Rachel off duty?  Rachel on the red carpet?!  Such flawless style and it never looks contrived...Maybe because she is so subtly groomed to perfection that she manages to pull it off without seeming like she's trying.  Such perfectly (undone) tousled hair with glossy skin and shiny eyes. 

We know better though... we know it takes effort to look effortless - but looking effortless is the ultimate goal right?  and Miss Bilson does it oh so well....


Love the hair!!!

Can you believe Rachels doggies name is HERMAN MERMEN?

love this coat...not sure about the hobo beanie though?!

HNMC fave...Love this DIOR bag...

Casual and effortless only works when you work from a great base...When people ask me what constitutes great style? I always say it's all in the detail... a fab bag or sunglasses can totally transform a whole outfit in one easy swoop...It doesnt have to be hard or take a long time...Just make sure your foundation is in place - good clean skin, good quality basics, a great attitude and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

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