Friday, 27 May 2011

Sexy is as Sexy Does

We're having a va-va-voom momenet after seeing Isabeli Fontana's June/July 11 Paris Vogue shoot.  We're absolutely inspired...Between Isabeli, The original siren Sophia and Eva Mendes for W magazine, we're hotfooting it to the department store to stock up on liquid liner, deep Saint Tropez tan and a sultry smile.  Highly pigmented lips, big hair and splashes of daring colour.

Plump up the lips! and the's getting hot in here!

LOVE these shoes...

The red of this bikini top is insane.  Add hoop earrings!

We love a feminine frill...Means you can dress sexily but be feminine simultaneously, it's never good to overdo something!

We might just keep our legs together though...

Chanel shorts - amazing. 

An abandoned, filthy mattress never looked so good.

The most perfect eyeliner and full eyebrows.

Thick arched eyebrows and high impact lips.

...Not sold on the armpit hair, we might leave that to Sophia the Great.

Eva Mendes for W magazine... Juicy, high pigment lips!

Full curves, bright splashes of colour and an uber sexy/feminine attitude.

This nail colour is divine.

Emphasise your lady lumps!

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