Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rachel McWOW or Rachel McFoul

Rachel McAdams has certainly been rocking some WOW looks this week at Cannes 2011 to promote her new film MIDNIGHT IN PARIS... but wow or foul? 

this is definitely a standout moment... great fit and great colour with an HNMC favourite - the red lip!

LOVE the hair and of course the colour.... this is also a defining moment, it's absolutely WOW but a little bit part iceskating costume foul.  While I think the shoes go with the dress.... they're pretty backward in the style stakes!  But we did say a few posts ago we're longing for the return of the pointed heel - maybe its just the gaudy gold colour...

Well this is obviously a WOW moment... Rachel looks amazing. 10/10! Perfect hair...

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