Saturday, 21 May 2011

Who did Paris Hilton call a nugget?!

Today we have an obsession with Margherita Missoni...(Did you know Margherita means daisy?!)

Here at HNMC we're all about loving and appreciating fashion but not being a slave to it, finding ways to take elements from all trends and make them our own.  That is EXACTLY what Margherita does and to be quite frank, we're a little addicted.  

Our other fashion philosophy is 'its all in the detail' and always starting from a great base.  If you build upon something solid, what can go wrong?! Confidence, health and happiness are a good place to start - attitude is paramount!  You could look amazing but if you're a complete asshole who the hell cares!!!  Being a fuckwit is a turn off. always.  We won't mention names. 

It's all about the personal quirk, the mixing of opposites, staying true to your bodyshape and loves, recognising your great attributes, hiding the not so great...A positive attitude and of course - love of life and fashion.  You could say Miss Missoni is our muse...

Representing her Daisy namesake...

What a beautiful bib necklace!  Keeping her hair polished to balance the busy dress and shining with health and happiness.

Red lips, nails, sleep ponytail and leopard print...

I have to say Margherita does look like she should be in a science lab with those hideous glasses, BUT this is why we love her, its the extra personal quirk, the little details.  Oh, and her amazing shoes.  The colour of her skin and the dress are so beautiful together.

A rainbow feather duster never looked so good...

Relaxed elegance.

Just quietly, I love Margherita even more when i see that she has wide feet...Finally a kindred spirit!  This is probably something she tries hard not to emphasise as we rarely see her wearing extremely strappy or open shoes.  My hero...Not everyone has Jennifer Anistons incredible feet!

What a flawless gown (and floor actually!!) personalised with black headpiece and HNMC favourite - red lips!

These shoes are absolutely fantastic! 

(like pic above but without fur capelet)  This is probably the best dress we've seen in our entire lives.  

HNMC loves how Margherita is not afraid of a longer hem.  

Ah fresh faced, happy and glorious.


we LOVE this photo.

Ingenious - mixing leopards and the greatest natural hair.

LOVE LOVE LOVE .... The lips and hair... Oh my goodness!

Who else has the natural confidence and ability to pull of a mesh midriff with crazy missoni high waist crochet harem pants!!!


  1. So many beautiful looks!


  2. What a great post! I just came across your blog and I fell in love with it! It's spectacular! I love your style! Check out my blog and follow if you like it, I promise to do the same!
    See you soon, kisses!

  3. Thank you girls! There were so many beautiful images I had trouble trying to pick!

    We at How Now Madam Cow love your blogs as well and are now following color me nana and full closet but nothing to wear!

    Thank you for your support and stay posted!